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In Navajo culture, your identity is shaped by your clans. When meeting new people, you introduce yourself by your clan and trace it all the way down to your maternal grandmother’s. This means you will almost always find same-clan relatives anywhere you go. Out here, you will never be alone. When I moved to New Mexico, I left my clan. I left behind a rich network of women. My relationships with my mother, aunts and grandmother were intertwined with phone calls, shopping trips and breakfast at Einstein’s Bagels. Our clan was a warm support system that always offered ...

22 postage stamps: $8.58 Christmas cards with iridescent polar bears on the cover, rather than the ones one sale adorned with cheesy snowmen wearing sweaters: $11.98 Spending 4 hours on a Tuesday night writing Christmas cards to each one of my students instead of designing curriculums, differentiating lessons or writing an insightful, heart-wrenching blog entry: Priceless. This has nothing to do with AYP. I'm certain this will not close the achievement gap. And help reach significant gains? Not likely. Tonight, I'm just writing holiday cards to my students. Because even though they're 14, swaggering with attitude and telling ...

In a perfect world where there is no educational inequity, there would be no need for not-yet-alternatively-certified teachers like me. In a perfect world, every classroom teacher would be certified and effective. In a perfect world, I would have been able to tell the interviewers at my current job what the 14 IDEA disabilities were—rather than shamefully explain that I had no clue, but had every intention of finding out. Unfortunately the world is not perfect and the achievement gap is not yet closed. Our desperation for teachers in this country has yielded alternative certification programs like Teaching Fellows ...

Hey Shyu, thank for pushing us to high school and other stuff "julia" and "julius"...

Sorry folks, I have the flu/cold. So much for staving off sickness after one year in the trenches. I will be writing the next entry in the next day or two on uncertified or alternatively certified teachers. As a Teach for America teacher who is still working toward an alternative license, I am admittedly biased. If you have any insights or opinions on this issue, please leave a comment. I'm interested in hearing views from people on all sides....


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