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Today was definitely a four-letter word morning. I woke up 28 minutes before I had to be at work. It's a 35 minute drive from Gallup to my school. I still needed to shower. And I had playground duty. (Luckily teachers have to arrive half an hour before school begins.) But the most vexing of it all was that I had overslept dreaming about school. I even recall trying to stay asleep longer because I was in the middle of teaching a new word problem strategy. Apparently our new Big Goal for math problem solving had burrowed itself deep enough ...

UPDATE: Abstinence students still have sex at similar rates, recent study shows Last week's Teacher Magazine poll on schools' approaches to sex education brought back bittersweet memories. Memories of giggling at fake ovaries and being mortified at all the places that hair could grow. I learned much of my reproductive education not from my mother, a nurse who taught contraception courses in Taiwan in the early 1980s, but from the Montgomery County Public School system. As icky and super embarrassed as I felt about it in fifth grade, I was secretly relieved to have those weird things happening to my ...

More confessions: My assistant and I eat 90 percent of the candy folks send to our students. My boyfriend in Ukraine needs to call me almost every morning to wake me up for work. And on bad days, I cheer up by reading blog comments. As a second-year teacher, there are still a lot of bad days. Luckily, there are a lot of comments. Below are a few responses to comments. If anyone has any other questions (or comments), please feel free to leave a blog message or write me at [email protected] … I’m currently teaching English in ...

I lie. I cheat. And yeah, I steal. At least when it comes to my students. I admit, when my Teach for America program director comes to check my teaching, I tell the kids that she's there to observe their behavior. And sure, I drag my kids in after school to finish their assignments for general ed classes. And when I'm low on supplies, I'm not above nabbing a ream of white paper from the front office when no one is watching. So is it so bad that I bribe children? I had never been one for extrinsic rewards, believing ...


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