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You're invited: Field Trip on Thursday

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Dear parents and guardians (and readers),

The C-Wing math class has been working very hard over the past year learning how to count money, make change and solve word problems in everyday situations. While these math skills are critical to improve on our IEP goals and school-wide assessments, they are critical for real-life situations.

On Thursday, March 29, 2007, our class will be attending a field trip to Family Dollar and Denny’s in Gallup. This field trip will be an opportunity for students to use dollars and coins to purchase items and food. This is an extension of the activities we have practiced in class for counting money, calculating change and interacting appropriately in public.

Please check back on Thursday evening for an updated post on our much-awaited field trip!

1 Comment

I'm a senior getting ready to start my student teaching and Grad school next year, and I'm really enjoying your blog! I've always wanted to work with underprivileged kids in an inner-city setting, but your blog has opened my eyes for the need in rural areas as well. I'll be licensed in ESL and Elementary Ed. Your comments are helping give me a realistic picture of what life as a young teacher is really like. Thanks!

Katie, thank you for your comment. That makes writing the blog all worth it. I hope you have a wonderful (and hectic!) year teaching. Keep closing that achievement gap.

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