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Bribe me

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Functional Behavior Assessment: Refuses to write progress reports. Finds other ways to procrastinate. Gets irritable, talks back, abandons work when presented with assignment.

Measurable Behavioral Goal: Teacher will write 72 progress reports in 3 hours requiring no more than 3 reminders to stay on task.

Setting: Classroom.
Door locked. Chained to the computer. Maybe some Brooks and Dunn on the speakers.

Positive consequence:
Everytime teacher completes 10 progress reports, she will be rewarded with 10 grams of Ghirardelli's intense dark chocolate ("Citrus Sunset" flavor).

Negative consequence: If teacher does not finish progress reports, she will not go home. And she will probably not be paid by her employer.


Results: Goal reached. 72 progress reports written by 3:10 p.m.

Modifications: One box of Jelly Belly beans.

1 Comment

Thank you so much for all you have done these past two years. I have really enjoyed learning about your experiences and have appreciated your struggles. Good luck and don't forget the rez.

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