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In this education debate, there are those working quietly in the background in pragmatic ways to build consensus for lasting change and improvement. It's important for these voices to be heard. Steve Owens is a Classroom Teaching Ambassador Fellow and National Board Certified Teacher from Vermont. He is a member of the Vermont National Education Association (VT-NEA) Board of Directors and a music teacher in two rural elementary schools. This is a cross post from the US Department of Education blog, where the Teacher Ambassadors often post to express their teacher perspective. A Teacher Reflects on ED's Role in Union ...

The Digital Immigrant and Digital Native Discussions Continue.... In 2001, Mark Prensky coined the terms "Digital Natives" and "Digital Immigrants" to describe the differences between adults and students in using technology. Educators are the "Digital Immigrants" who have to adapt and learn how to integrate technology into their lives. Students are "Digital Natives" born into a culture and lifestyle where technology immersion is the norm. Although I know a lot of educators who argue that immigrants can use technology in the same ways as the natives and that being a native does not necessary guarantee proficiency, I have found the ...


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