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I am at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in my capacity as a Classroom Fellow with the US Department of Education. At our exhibitor booth, we are discussing the National Education Technology Plan and the Connected Online Community of Practice. While it's important to examine technology from a national and policy perspective, from my school based experience, I'm still thinking about the recent regulations that my large, forward thinking, school district has released for students to bring their own technology devices to school. These district guidelines are essential for educators who advocate for ...

The annual high stakes state standardized testing season is now over. As teachers and administrators begin to receive the results, they can begin to answer the complex question, "How did we do this year?" And while educators in schools review the data of real students in real world contexts, in education policy, the contentious debates of how to use standardized test scores in teacher and school evaluation continue. Will (or how should) test scores be used in teacher evaluation? What types of access should the public have with test scores from schools or individual teachers? I've written about some of ...

Are you a teacher leader? If so, when did you realize you were ready to be a teacher leader? If you don't consider yourself a teacher leader, what do you think needs to happen for you to feel prepared to make this transformation? Or, maybe you are already doing the things teacher leaders do, but don't realize you are a "teacher leader." After all, in our egalitarian profession, it's rare for teachers to introduce themselves as "teacher leaders." We all tend to refer to ourselves as "just" a "teacher" regardless if we are a 23 years old 1st year teacher ...


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