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Have you ever made a resolution or promise to do things differently at the beginning of the school year? The best time to ask about resolutions is a few weeks or months after the new year starts to see if there is progress. So, as we are into the first few weeks of school, how are you using your Interactive Whiteboard? Any changes from last year? Over the past year, we have talked about the R's for Interactive Whiteboards 1) The Interactive Whiteboard Readiness Assessment: Are you ready for an Interactive Whiteboard? Or, maybe you inherited a whiteboard or your ...

At an education conference this past summer, a teacher relayed a question the students had asked about a situation they had experienced. "Should students have to accept "friend requests" (on one of the popular social networks) from a long term substitute teacher?" Ugh..... I was hoping for an easy question like, "How can social networks be used in education?" If the question was positively phrased, I could have pointed out some of my previous posts on this issue discussing the benefits and challenges of using the popular social networks in schools. A high school student (gSD) and I have blogged ...

"Teachers today need to be treated more as professionals and knowledge workers, and less as interchangeable cogs in an educational factory line out of the last century. Teachers need and deserve more autonomy and respect and they must become real participants and partners in reform if outcomes for children are to dramatically improve." Secretary of Education Arne Duncan made these remarks when highlighting lessons learned from the International Summit on the Teaching Profession and the Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education: Lessons from PISA for the United States report. Given this needed respect for teachers as important participants and ...


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