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Mrs. Carmenates, school librarian and guest blogger, and I recently had a discussion about Linda Braun's article Next Year's Model in the School Library Journal. Next Year's Model tells the story of Sarah Ludwig, a former school librarian, who later became a technology coordinator at a school in Connecticut. Realizing that librarians are experts in information literacy, she was in a unique position to help students and teachers. The article concludes: "Once you remove yourself from the physical constraints of the library, you have more freedom, because you aren't limited by the title and the expectations of the job. If ...

How do you share lessons and resources with your colleagues? Do you email lessons back and forth? Or, maybe you share and access lessons and activities on a school server. Perhaps your district has made lessons available on a website or portal. If so, are the resources searchable by standards? Are there ways for teachers to make comments to make suggestions or recommendations for improvement? Can other teachers in other districts and states share their lessons with yours? These are the questions I'm thinking about as I listen to a presentation from Richard Culatta, Deputy Director at the US Department ...


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