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September 14, 2011

The Slekar Family Stands Up and Opts Out

Recently we have heard news of more and more parents taking a stand against standardized testing, acting in what they believe to be the best interests of their children. Two of the leaders of this movement are Tim and Michelle Slekar, of Pennsylvania. I asked them if they would share their perspecti...

September 10, 2011

A Teacher Responds to Steve Denning's Ideas: These are Education, Not Management Issues

I present here a rebuttal to the interview I carried last week with management expert Steve Denning. It was written by a Massachusetts teacher who goes by the name Chemtchr. Guest post by Chemtchr. Steven Denning's Forbes essay on "The Single Best Idea for Reforming K-12 Education" was welcomed by...

September 08, 2011

John Thompson takes on Nyamekye's Defense of Testing

Guest post by John Thompson. There is more to the job of teaching than encouraging students to relentlessly pursue knowledge. We also have to sign in and out, take attendance, teach capitalization and spelling, wash our coffee cups in the faculty lounge, and post grades on time. Above all, our j...

September 05, 2011

Interview: Steve Denning offers Radical Ideas for Reframing Education Reform

A couple of days ago I was surprised to find an insightful post in Forbes Magazine, offering us "The Single Best Idea for Reforming Education," by columnist and management expert Steve Denning. I wrote a post describing his idea, and also sent him some questions, because I think he offers some usefu...

September 04, 2011

The Single Best Idea to Come Out of Business in Years

Usually when business magazines like Forbes offer advice on education reform, I prepare to cringe. But this week we got a surprise. Management guru Steve Denning offers us "The Single Best Idea for Reforming Education," and it actually makes a great deal of sense. Denning starts with a critique of...

September 03, 2011

Environmentalists Join Educators in Protesting Obama Policies

The New York Times today reported that many environmentalists are expressing frustration at recent policy decisions by the Obama administration. The story carries some strong echoes of the way educators have felt for the past two years, as Secretary Duncan has extended and intensified the worst aspe...

September 01, 2011

John Thompson: Time for our Unions to Lead Reform

Guest post by John Thompson. Mark Simon's "High-Stakes Progressive Teacher Unionism" is a must-read. Simon's contributions to I Used To Think... And Now I Think.... are the reflections of a pioneer in the "new unionism" of the 1990s. Even back then, he realized that if the union did not advocate ...

August 29, 2011

Duncan Worries About Losing "Great Young Talent": What About Us Old Timers?

Gates Foundation, TFA, Teach For America

August 25, 2011

Arne Duncan's Twitter Town Hall: Orwell Would Be Proud

George Orwell might well be proud to see how Arne Duncan has risen to the challenge of using language to disguise government actions. Watching the Twitter Town Hall yesterday was an exercise in frustration. Unfortunately, the Department of Education has released only tweets that digest his responses...

August 23, 2011

John Thompson on Brill's Re-write of Teacher Union History

teacher unions, teacher evaluation, peer assistance and review

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