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Baracking the vote

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It's a pretty magical time in DC's public schools. I couldn't talk to a student about their slope calculations in geometry class until they excitedly asked me who I voted for. I maintain my non-partisanship as a professional and Americorps affiliate, but after enough nagging by a 15-year-old bursting with joy and pinned with Obama buttons, I just had to lean over and whisper, "I Baracked the vote."

Later on that day, I bumped into one of my teachers in the hallway at the high school who explained how almost all of her students from her MR (mental retardation) cluster last year showed up for school yesterday-- because they were voting. Last year, she had taken her students, all of whom qualify to attend public school until they're 21, to be registered. And now, as one of the very least represented groups in the country, they cast their own ballots.

It's a pretty magical time in DC, but best of all, it's a pretty remarkable time in history. Now onward to the real work to be done.

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I think that's so great that a teacher took her students to register to vote. I also think the recent election made an impact on getting teens to register to vote. I felt that people felt strongly about this election and wanted their vote to count.
We did a mock election with first graders and one of the requirements was you had to have a good reason to "cast your vote." Many voted based on what they heard from their parents. We discussed that you cannot simply vote for someone (either candidate) based on skin color. It was interesting to see the reasons these young children gave to "cast their vote."

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