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I have a younger man in my life. He’s 21—handsome, funny, sunny and bright. But last week, as we chatted, he was worried and trying hard to hang onto his positive outlook on life. Bryan just graduated from college with a degree in business, and he can’t find a job. Another young friend is 26. She completed her masters in public administration. She did internships and volunteer work and community organizing and more, but she may be moving home to job hunt. They are not alone. Yesterday I read about Michael Volpe. After relentlessly pounding the industrial ...

The lyrics of the old Guess Who song are morphing in my head: We've come undone We didn't know what he was headed for And once we knew what he was headed for It was too late He's come undone He found a mountain that was far too high And when he found out he couldn't fly It was too late It's too late He's gone too far He's lost the sun He's come undone Another school shooting and the question that haunts us all is “Why?” Here are some things that I noted: "He was a year or two ...

Today was the deadline for encumbering budget money. This week there are two after school meetings to be attended at the far end of the county. I am working on guest blogs for Public School Insights and the Center for Teacher Leadership . Over at Teacher Leaders Network we have a couple of group projects that I want to be part of. In the meantime, the last mid-quarter interim reports go out Wednesday. Our kids are prepping for the state assessment tests so I’m working around remediation pull outs and field trips. A colleague cried in my office today and ...

Schools Need Energy More than Experience. Wow, Jay Mathews presented me with a Class Struggle that I didn’t expect when he wrote Schools in poor neighborhoods having the most success are those put in the hands of talented principals given the power to hire and fire their staffs to enhance achievement, and who use those powers to create a building-wide commitment to improving learning through teamwork. Such principals pick new teachers not so much on their experience, but on their energy and focus and imagination. Says who? Exactly how was it determined that energetic inexperienced teachers were the critical ...


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