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Does the government's plan for addressing the H1N1 influenza this fall align with the reality of what schools can do.

Back in the spring my daughter plunked a book down on the kitchen cabinet as I was making coconut cream pie. “Can’t stay, but I had to drop by to bring you this. Read it, you’re going to love it.” I put the book in my To Read pile and sort of forgot about it. Julie and Julia just sat around the house with me for a couple of months before I found time for the two of them, but once I started, we stayed up late together. Although they were separated by generations, they shared a desire ...

The parking lots of Walmart, Target, Kohl’s and the super-mall were all packed last weekend. It was Virginia’s annual Back to School Tax-Free Weekend. School supplies priced under $20 and clothing and shoes costing less than $100 were exempted from the 5% sales tax. Protective items, sports equipment, and computer products were excluded. There was no limit on the total you could spend. The only restriction was that each item must be priced below the $20 school supply ceiling or $100 clothing and shoe ceiling. I wondered if that meant only children’s clothing, so I went to ...

Last week I wrote about the Dirty Little Business of cutting school costs by cutting career and technical education. Claus von Zastrow, over at Public School Insights, asked ….Is there cause for concern when attendance at 4-year colleges continues to be bound by SES (socioeconomic status)? Well, that depends…… All across our country, we are telling young people that a degree from a four year college is a ticket to a bright future. But going to college doesn’t guarantee success. And in fact, graduating from college doesn’t insure anything either. Ask the boomerang young adult who has moved ...


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