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When I ask the boys to work hard, have fun, and take care of each other, I'm really asking them to engage in the process of becoming good citizens and people. I assist in this process by teaching them a work ethic that will help them to be successful individuals, an attitude that will allow them to enjoy life, and relational skills that will enable them to make life better for all those with whom they interact.

My experience training my pit bull, Jax, taught me valuable insights into the way we shape our students' choices and behavior.

The state will have to decide if it wants to certify teachers or if instead wants to otherwise signal what it means to be qualified and prepared to teach computer science - because teaching computer science in school is not a new idea; but making computer science "for all" certainly is.

As a young teacher, I dreaded that moment in class when a student's frustration boiled over into a shout: "This doesn't make any sense!" At this point I've started to embrace those as moments where real thinking is going on and as opportunities for real learning.


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