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September 24, 2017

Final Post: Did We Prove It?

I started this blog more than two years ago. And this last post will soon join all of the others I've done in the great Internet Archive in the sky (luckily still searchable!). But before we say goodbye (for now), I want to gather up part of what I've learned, contributed, and where I went wrong.

July 24, 2017

Two Years Is the Worst Amount of Time to Teach

Instead of accepting the premise that high achieving young people won't be engaged by teaching for an entire career we ought to attack it. Share stories of the ways in which our 10th or 20th or 30th year teaching has changed our thinking or challenged ideas we used to hold.

May 30, 2017

Don't Cut Students Off From Their School's History

I hope that our school will be around long enough for future students to look at 100 years worth of picture in our hallway, but it won't unless we instill value for this kind of knowledge in our students and our leaders.

May 25, 2017

Teaching Work-Life Balance: Be the Worker You Want to See

As one of the professionals whose work life they know as well as almost any other, I owe it to my students to model what healthy labor looks like. Here's an annotated list of a handful of ways I try to teach them about healthy work through example.

August 16, 2016

Is Ivanka Trump's Family Leave Policy Better than the One for New York City Teachers?

Surely we are better than this as a Department of Education and as the nation's biggest local union. Teachers and our families should be supported like other city employees and not shut out the way we have been for far too long.

August 05, 2016

A Teacher Leadership Elevator Pitch and an Invitation to Write Your Own

I bet at some point you've overheard a teacher complaining to another about something coming from the district or administration: "why are "they" doing this to us?" I am a teacher and teacher leader who doesn't hear that any more and I want to help make New York City the one place in the country where teachers won't ever say it. Let's stop talking about "they" and create a system of "we."

June 15, 2016

The Opt-Out Debate: Parental Perspective

Two teachers respond to a parent's question about opting his child in or out of state standardized tests.

June 07, 2016

What Candidates Should be Saying about Education

It is time for a candidate to recognize that the most important factors in improving educational outcomes are to strengthen teaching and to improve the conditions in which learning takes place. Working toward the latter goal means returning to an era when we talked about smaller class sizes, improved access to materials and technology, as well as the creation or renovation of school buildings that provide safe, clean, and nurturing environments.

March 22, 2016

On Unions and Gyms: A Teacher Works to Make Her Union Stronger

Readers of this blog know that I am a committed union leader and activist (see my perspective here, here, and here). Unionized teachers with a strong voice in shaping education policy represent our best chance to incorporate teachers' classroom-based knowledge into the decisions that directly impact...

January 21, 2016

An Open Letter to Teachers Fighting Fair Share Fees: Your Fight Will Hurt Students

In my last post, I asked folks on both sides of the debate on the Friedrichs Supreme Court case to consider part of the moral foundation that might be driving each other's beliefs. In this post, I will address concerns that I have about what could happen to students if those who would undermine established state laws are successful.

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