Reimagining the teaching profession is worthwhile, especially with teachers in the dialogue and leading the work - but must we also need to reimagine a wide range of social policies that are essential to improving children's lives.

A new documentary film, "Most Likely to Succeed," examines ways can improve schools and teaching to better prepare students for a future of rapid, almost unimaginable change.

When teachers are trusted to take student learning in new and exciting directions, they are in a position to extend that trust to students. It's a powerful step for those ready and willing to take it.

If students can't do their best work unless adults hop, skip, strut, twist and shout about the test, we're doing something quite wrong in assessment, and in our messaging about education.

As a teacher, I do not tolerate cheating by my students, but I also take responsibility for creating assessment conditions that minimize cheating. Will any policy makers accept responsibility for the conditions surrounding the Atlanta test-cheating cases?

While it's clear that libraries and librarians have a significantly positive impact on students and schools, we still have to fight to keep these vital resources in our schools and municipalities.

Don't ask schools, students, or teachers to rise to your expectations of excellence if you aren't just as deep in the fight for their expectation of equity.

Living with the ambiguity, the occasional dissonance, and remaining positive - that's what the team seemed to have achieved, and modeled for the rest of the group.

Is it possible to craft education policy that takes into account the value of serendipity in learning?

The stories that emerged demonstrated that great teaching involves not only content area and pedagogical knowledge, but also risks, resources, and relationships.


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