That's the big union machine at work. Your neighbors. Your kids' teachers. Volunteering. Contacting one voter at a time. Speaking from the heart and from professional experience, out of a sincere desire to see better schools, better teaching, and a better future for our children.

If voters place more stock in the results produced by incumbent Tom Torlakson than they do in the advertising of challenger Marshall Tuck, California has a chance to continue improving education.

A new documentary short film, "Crenshaw," shows how top-down reform policies such as school reconstitution can do more harm than good for students and the community.

Does teacher leadership make for better classroom teaching? Maybe. But it will definitely make better schools, better policy, and a stronger teaching profession.

After spending a day with a Norwegian school principal touring two American secondary schools, I came away with some useful observations regarding the similarities in our teaching and learning experiences, and the differences in the ways our systems operate.

Thank you for checking out the first post in my new Education Week Teacher blog, "Road Trips In Education." I'm visiting teachers and schools throughout California this year, and hoping to pass along some useful observations about the intersection between policy and practice.


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