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With so much importance placed on standardized testing, do we not embed common test taking strategies, brain breaks, and celebrations into our weekly classroom experiences?

Our nation's teachers are the infrastructure of this republic. Like water pipelines, roads, and bridges their purpose is that of the common good. When they do their job, it permits every other aspect of our society to function properly. But this isn't reflected in their level of appreciation

Joe Fatheree's experience producing seven new videos with State Teachers of the Year convinced him that the primary criticisms of the Common Core State Standards are built on faulty assumptions. Instead, teachers he filmed told Fatheree that the standards promote creativity, challenge students to use critical thinking skills, provide teachers with the autonomy to create engaging lessons, prepare students to take their place on the global stage by promoting collaboration, and help ensure students are career- and college-ready.

I would describe our system as a spider web of interdependency, and I believe it will take transformation of almost every thread to rebuild it into a system that our kids not only deserve, but that our economy will need to continue to grow. There is no simple, cheap miracle fix that will bring about transformative change for the education profession and the American education system; the entire web needs to be re-woven.

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