Florida Governor Charlie Crist's veto of a bill that would have linked teacher pay to student test scores elicits more than a ray of hope from Anthony Mullen.

Massachusetts Someplace near where the pilgrims first landed. Quite a few critics of the American system of education are kept busy seeking "A City Upon a Hill" on foreign shores. One such country is Singapore. After all, Singaporean students rank 1st in the world in mathematics on the latest TIMSS (U.S. students rank 16th) and Singapore boasts a nation of high performing students and excellent schools. Could Singapore be the City Upon a Hill that Puritan leader John Winthrop described while giving a speech aboard the ship Arbelle en route to the Massachusetts Bat Colony? Maybe. But Winthrop was ...

A brief encounter with a frustrated airport passenger makes Anthony Mullen wonder why teachers dealing with "a steady diet of lies by mindless bureaucrats" haven't snapped.

Anthony Mullen tells a Wall Street money manager that he could have had the "job security" that he imagines teachers have...but he decided to make a lot of money instead.

Anthony Mullen reminds contemporary education critics that reports of the halcyon days of public education have been greatly exaggerated.

Annoyed by journalists' sensationalism of the teaching profession, Anthony Mullen considers when bad reporting happens to good teachers.

Driving along Interstate 70 near the Ozark Mountains, Anthony Mullen contemplates the Rhode Island school teachers whose fate awaits them.

A near crash landing reminds Anthony Mullen that Chicken Little was wrong: Pessimists will not determine the fate of our education system.

Anthony Mullen responds to a Stanford economist's recent suggestion that the lowest-performing six percent of teachers should be slashed to boost school performance.

Anthony Mullen's quest to discover how the city of Buffalo earned its name brings him to realize the true power of suggestion.


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