Anthony Mullen speaks with the creator of the Middle School Archive Project in Dallas and discovers how revisiting students' dreams can lead to later successes.

I was recently asked to write the foreword to a newly published book titled Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales. I was a bit reluctant to write the foreword because I have not used my blog Road Diaries to discuss some of the many wonderful books I have read about the art and beauty of teaching. My fellow bloggers on this page do a wonderful job reviewing such books and writing about the many challenging and complex issues facing educators. I am given the less strenuous task of describing what I see and feel as I travel the country. ...

While visiting Kent State, Anthony Mullen revisits the 13 seconds 40 years ago when the Ohio National Guard killed four students and wounded nine others.

Anthony Mullen reaches out to colleagues after discovering that a young woman he knows has been lost to the earthquake in Haiti.

After spending three days getting to the Learning and Technology World Forum in London, Anthony Mullen confronts sleep deprivation and the memory of saving a child's life.

As three governors, a senator, and a Harvard professor spout on about teachers at an ed conference, Anthony Mullen is a fly on the wall until someone asks for his opinion.

I watched the large chicken jump and down on the cold sidewalk, flapping its wings at passing motorists. A few cars stopped to snap photographs of the large hen and one teenage boy yelled "Get a real job!" The fast food restaurant was getting ready to close when the chicken came inside. The bird sat opposite me at an empty table and I felt a little self-conscious eating a roasted chicken leg. The chicken sat slouched at the table, its head weighing forward. The person inside the costume was obviously exhausted from standing and flapping its flightless wings all day. ...

A holiday visit to a former student in a correctional facility has Anthony Mullen hoping that the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come gives troubled youths a second chance.

Anthony Mullen shares his most profound discovery from his trip to Japan: How a nation can rebuild through schools.

The young girl was left hanging from the tree. Everyone knew who she was but no one would step forward to cut the rope. She had few friends in life and fewer friends in death. The suicide of this lonely and taunted 8th grade girl shocked a nation and exposed an epidemic of students being bullied in Japanese schools. The Education Minister received an anonymous letter form a schoolboy saying bullies were making his life a misery and he was going to kill himself. The minister's mailbox quickly filled with similar letters, each written by troubled young people complaining about ...


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