What Are the Biggest Myths About Using Tech in the Classroom?

What Are the Biggest Myths About Using Tech in the Classroom?

For all the hype around new educational technology, a crucial question often goes unanswered: How are teachers actually using these tools in the classroom?

A new special report from Education Week Teacher addresses this issue, taking a look at how teachers are modernizing music and journalism lessons, making trends like gamification work for them, and working with coaches to determine how tools and software can best support their students.

We asked educators to tell us how expectations differ from reality when it comes to ed tech. What are the biggest misconceptions about how technology can and should be used in the classroom?

This discussion is part of a special report on teaching in today's tech-powered classroom, produced with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Today's elementary school students have grown up with devices, but they still need guidance and structure around tech use, writes Natalie Makulski.

Teachers can leverage teens' tech expertise and social media savvy, but remember that students still need training in new tools to use them well, writes Aaron Manfull.

Students have been conditioned to use devices for entertainment, not academics, writes social studies teacher Matt Miles.

Integrating technology requires a significant investment of time and money, but the resources are well-spent if the focus is improving instruction, writes educational consultant Matthew Lynch.

Teachers can face pressure to center technology in their classrooms, but these tools are only useful when they assist in instruction, writes Kathleen Sheehy.

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