Building Teacher Leadership

Building Teacher Leadership Teachers and administrators are increasingly working to create structures in school systems that facilitate teacher leadership, as described in a new special report from Education Week Teacher. Yet the definition of teacher leadership isn't universal, leaving some school leaders unsure of whether teacher leadership initiatives truly empower teachers or fall short.

What does true teacher leadership look like? Describe your teacher leadership journey and a project you led. What supports helped you lead the project? What obstacles did you face? How can school systems empower teachers as leaders to improve schools?

For teachers, individual work ethic buys the chance to deviate from traditional pedagogical paths and try new things, Jessica Pack writes.

Teachers need to trust their ideas and feel empowered to share and implement them, Bev Bricker writes.

Jeff Austin says that his teacher-powered school is a model for success in his district, a testament to cooperation, collaboration, and a shared vision.

Teacher leadership requires time and compensation from the school district. It cannot be loaded onto a full schedule and it cannot be for a small stipend, Shereen Henry argues.

As teachers across the country begin to voice their desire for more clearly defined leadership roles, it's time for schools to design and implement leadership systems that genuinely empower teachers to be strong leaders and highly effective educators.

All teachers should take on a leadership challenge, Nancy Barile says. Transformative action and leadership from teachers will benefit students more than anything else.

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