How Can We Make Teacher Recertification Meaningful?

How Can We Make Teacher Recertification Meaningful?

Every five years, most teachers have to go through the process of meeting their state’s continuing education requirements to renew their teaching licenses. But for many educators, the ritual is more about paying a fee and proving they’ve sat through enough hours of coursework than it is about meaningful professional growth.

In your view, what requirements would you add—or changes would you make—to certificate renewal so that it better supported teachers’ professional learning?

This discussion is part of a special report on teacher recertification, produced with support from the Joyce Foundation.

A reflective, performance-based, independent assessment of a teacher's practice could make the recertification process meaningful again, Catherine Anderson writes.

Too often, the recertification process requires a calculation of seat time, not a reflection of what was actually learned, argues Jessica Keigan.

Renewing a teaching certificate is often dreaded and painful, writes Chris Woods. Here are some ways to make it better.

Teachers should have the opportunity to pursue the learning they need, rather than simply what's required by the district, Tricia Ebner writes.

High-quality professional learning is difficult to provide in education, principal Jasmine Kullar writes. Here's a solution.

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