The Media Is the Message

The Media Is the Message Teachers often say that the media portrays teachers—but not necessarily teaching—in a negative light, focusing on teacher misconduct or union negotiations. Many teachers feel that the media can make them look like scapegoats for a school’s failure.

How do you think teachers are portrayed in the news media, and is that depiction fair? What responsibility do teachers have for helping shape media portrayals? What kinds of education stories would you like to see more of in the news? What kinds of news media do you consume in regards to education, and what do you recommend for those interested in the education system?

While the national media continues to blather on about the education "crisis" and about "saving our schools," teachers are changing the story bit by bit, Shawna Coppola says.

If it's easy for us to accept that hospitals and airlines need systemic help and the individual professionals are not primarily to blame, then why, Flora Lerenman asks, is it so difficult to accept that teachers may not be the sole cause of failing schools?

Just as cable news did for consumers two decades ago, educators have a new level of news customization. But they can also add to the media, Brian Sztabnik says.

Teachers must be more proactive in sharing stories about their students, classrooms, and schools to show all of the good things that are happening, Craig Williams says.

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