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November 19, 2012

Student-Motivation Methods to Avoid

From the Associated Press: "A teacher in the southern Idaho town of Declo is being criticized after she had her fourth-grade students use permanent markers to draw on the faces of children who failed to meet reading goals."

August 15, 2012

Defining the Classroom Rules

One of the inevitable first-day-of-school tasks for elementary teachers (and many secondary teachers) is introducing the class rules. So it's no wonder teacher-bloggers have taken up the topic this week. Patricia Hensley, author of the Successful Teaching blog, laments educators' use of vague langu...

July 25, 2012

Is Blended Learning a Threat to Doug Lemov?

I'm going to venture to say that not too many teachers are reading, because otherwise this post would be steeped in teacher comments. ... In it, Michael Horn, cofounder of the nonprofit think tank Innosight Institute, makes the argument that many of the teaching techniques comprising Dou...

June 28, 2012

Texas GOP: No More Critical Thinking in Schools

Teachers, you may want to be sitting down for this one. The 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform, adopted June 9 at the state convention in Forth Worth, seems to take a stand against, well, the teaching of critical thinking skills. Read it for yourself: We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thin...

April 04, 2012

Grading Classroom Talk

In a first-person piece we published yesterday, Kyle Redford contends that teachers should give students a grade for oral expression, just as they do for written expression. While "assigning concrete values to conversation is less tidy and more challenging than assessing written work," she writes, d...

April 04, 2012

In the U.K.: Nostalgia for Corporal Punishment?

Not sure what to think about this one: According to a story in the London-based Guardian, teachers who spoke at the recent annual conference of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, an educators' union in the United Kingdom, vented that student behavior has gone significantly downhill since can...

March 21, 2012

Apps for the Classroom

You know teacher evaluation is becoming a big deal when there's an app for it. And guess what, there is: The online PD service Teachscape this week announced the release of a new iPad app designed to make it easier for school leaders to collect and upload classroom-observation data. ... Meanwhile, ...

March 07, 2012

Can Meditation Ease Classroom Management?

Edutopia has an interesting story about a principal at a troubled San Francisco middle school who instituted (among other holistic changes) twice daily meditation sessions for students. The results, according to the piece, have been dramatic: Suspension and truency rates at the school are down, whil...

December 19, 2011

Behavior Specialists to the Rescue

In an effort to improve their students' standardized test scores, a school in New London, Conn., has hired three behavioral specialists to help reduce classroom disruptions.

October 25, 2011

Do You Need a Classroom Management Checklist?

To ensure they don't overlook the basics, educators in the U.K. are being encouraged to make use of an offical checklist for managing student behavior. The idea for the checklist, developed by a school administrator who is also a government education adviser, was influenced by the work of oft-cited...

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