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October 24, 2019

Chicago Teachers Have Been on Strike for a Week. Here's What's at Stake

Union leaders are holding civil disobedience training sessions as negotiations with the city stall.

July 08, 2019

Abortion and White Fragility: 5 Key Issues at the NEA Convention

About 6,000 delegates met in Houston last week and voted on measures related to abortion, white fragility, teacher diversity, and teacher strikes.

July 06, 2019

You No Longer Have to Be an Educator to Join the National Education Association

After years of resistance, delegates of the National Education Association voted to open up membership to non-educator "allies."

July 05, 2019

'Education, Not Separation': Teachers March to Shelter for Immigrant Youth

Hundreds of educators left the national union assembly to protest against family separations at a nearby facility for immigrant children in Houston.

June 14, 2019

Nation's Largest Teachers' Union Sees Slight Upswing in Membership

The National Education Association's 2019-20 budget shows that the membership losses were not as bad as anticipated.

April 16, 2018

Teachers Take to Social Media to Show Their Poor Classroom Conditions

The New York Times asked teachers to share what their classroom conditions really look like. Other teachers on social media are doing the same.

February 05, 2018

Is It Hard to Fire the Bad Ones? Authors Take on Popular Teacher 'Myths'

What is true and false about the teaching profession? Three educators unpack what they see as the most enduring popular myths about teachers and education.

October 09, 2017

Here's How Teachers Can Help With Disaster Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico rebuilds after being slammed by Hurricane Maria, here are some ways educators from the mainland can help.

May 03, 2017

Teachers at Calif. Charter Schools Chaired by Michelle Rhee Are Working to Unionize

A super-majority of educators at St. Hope Public Schools, a four-school charter network in Sacramento, have signed a petition to join a teachers' union.

March 25, 2016

Chicago Teachers Take Students on Field Trip Despite Furloughs

Teachers at Jorge Prieto Math and Science Academy have decided to follow through with a previously planned field trip today, on the first of Chicago Public Schools' furlough days.

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