Some schools are feeling more reformy disruption than others. What makes the difference? Not state or federal policy. Not the Big Standardized Test. Not even the wise arguments of thinky tanks and bloggers. Administration.

August is apparently our month to contemplate a teacher shortage. Or reports of a teacher shortage. Or a completely fabricated teacher shortage. What nobody seems to be able to answer is why, exactly, we're having this conversation? What is causing the shortage-- or at least the repeated reporting of one. What is the actual problem?

Merit pay, Robert Putnam, and how to evaluate your evaluation.

With the release of the latest bundle of number crunching, Doug Harris and the Education Research Alliance have once again launched the Debate of the Decade-- is the New Orleans privatization experiment a success or a failure?

More and more people are coming to see the SAT and ACT for what they are-- products for sale. Much of the SAT and ACT customer base is people who pay for the product because, well, you know, you have to, right? There's no choice, right?

Quotes and lessons and reformy baloney.

I am a big believer in having a teacher toolbox chock full of many and varied tools. I also believe that just because a tool doesn't work well for me, that doesn't mean it can't work for someone else. Nevertheless, there are some approaches that simply don't belong in a classroom eve

Activism, politics, journalism, and pretend journalism—it was a busy week in the edublogosphere.

News came last evening that Kansas has taken a bold new step in making their schools Even Worse. Tuesday, the Kansas State Board of Education voted to allow unlicensed people to teach in Kansas schools.

Charters, a new documentary, and politicians on parade. Just another July in educationland.


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