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Save the Teachers

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Most parents agree that cutting teacher jobs isn’t beneficial for their kids, but Boston-area parent Scott Jones was so frustrated that he started a campaign, aptly named Save the Teachers. With schools in Georgetown, Mass., facing a budget shortfall due to the failure of a proposed property tax increase, the father of four decided to raise the money from private donors. I can’t sit back and watch the schools decay another year, watch the kids suffer, and do nothing,” Jones says. He and a handful of volunteers have raised more than $18,000 in the past month by passing out fliers, making phone calls, and sending out e-mails, with distribution help from local schools. In order to bring back the equivalent of the 7.8 full-time jobs that have been cut, more than $200,000 still needs to be raised by next month—though the district may be able to supplement Jones' funds by drawing on a new budget allotment. While some local officials question whether parents should be involved in collecting revenue for teacher salaries, the district's superintendent, Larry Borin, understands Jones' motivation: "I think the fact that Scott has put together an initiative to try to secure funds in order to restore some of the positions that are lost is terrific because ultimately that will impact what takes place in the classroom for students day in and day out."

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I applaud Mr. Jones for taking action. It's frustrating when things happen in schools that are beyond your control, and his decision to step up and fix the problem is a courageous act.

Funding schools is controversial. There is a mindset that thinks more money does not equal better education. However, not funding teacher salaries equals reduced educational quality.

I understand the public reticence for increasing their property taxes for teacher salaries. Some citizens are shortsighted (I don't have school -aged kids), some are jaded and believe the money will not really be spent as stated. Therefore, if you donate money to a fund raiser for teacher salaries, the money goes directly for the purpose.

My problem with this is that school boards and administrators would begin to use this as their primary source of funds. As a society we need to decide that the future of our community, state, country, etc. is worth the cost. Children belong to everyone, whether they are part of our bilological family, or not. We all benefit or suffer from the education or lack of education given to children.

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