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File Your Complaint Here


Navigating a school system is not always easy, especially, parents claim, when it comes to voicing a complaint. Following Washington, DC and the state of Washington, about a dozen Texas school districts have hired ombudsmen to assist parents with their grievances —often a source of tension for teachers and principals. Greg Gibson, the superintendent of Crowley, Texas, notes that since hiring an ombudsman in December, the number of formal grievances filed with the district have “significantly declined.” Even with the $75,000 annual price tag, Gibson is convinced he’s on to something, “I had a light bulb go off in my head. It’s a whole new way of doing business that we were not addressing.”

Beverly Reeves, the ombudsman for Austin schools, believes this paradigm shift can go a long way towards building trust with parents, “We have to change our mindset to know that these are our customers. They pay our salaries.” Other districts aren’t so convinced. Tim Carroll, a spokesman for the Allen, Texas schools, said the addition of a costly position that merely placates parents is no guarantee. “A lot of times, people want something, but they’re not going to get it. We can ombuds that to death, but eventually somebody’s not going to get what he wants.”


I think it is a great idea in helping parents through the process of a grievance. I wish they would begin a program like that in the South Texas area such as the Rio Grande Valley.

Well, this is a good idea, unless, of course, the superintendent is the problem.

Here in this SW FL GOP school district, the new superintendent -- a retired Army colonel -- seems to me to have faked his education credentials.

This small town has only one local daily newspaper, and it does NO investigative journalism whatsoever.

So, I made a quiz about this fraud, and you can take my quiz and decide for yourself if he is a fake:


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