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Accusations From the School Board Room


A member of the Texas State Board of Education is accusing Barack Obama of sympathizing with terrorists. In her November 2 post on the Christian Worldview Network Web site, Cynthia Dunbar wrote that "those with whom Obama truly sympathizes" are plotting to "take down" America. Dunbar further alleges that Obama has no respect for the Constitution and will institute Martial Law once the "planned effort" is underway.

The Texas Freedom Network, a watchdog group that monitors the board, released a statement on Monday asking Dunbar to retract her comments. Dunbar responded, "I don’t have anything in there that would be retractable. These are my personal opinions and I don’t think the language is questionable." The president of TFN, Kathy Miller, said, "It’s stunning that a board member who helps decide what Texas children learn in their public schools would say something so disgusting and reprehensible. She should be taking refresher courses in civics and good citizenship, not deciding what Texas kids learn."

In 2009, Dunbar and the other members of the Texas State Board of Education are expected to revise the state's social studies curriculum and make a determination on including creationism in the science curriculum, according to the Chronicle.


What's this??? ... freedom of speech is only for the politically correct??? I doubt that the Texas Freedom Network is really about "freedom" ... sounds a lot more like censorship ...

Freedom of speech includes the right to call someone on statements that are patently false and includes the right to ask for retractions of such untruths.

L. - Thank you for pointing that out. I'm sick and tired of hearing these tired, baseless accusations. The campaign is over. Let's all look ahead and focus on our children's education.

Just as "L" and "Diane" above have a right to their opinion of what is said or what they believe to be truthful so does "Cynthia".
Just seems that some of us want to negate any comments that we don't agree with. I'm not stating that I agree with Cynthia but as someone once said, I believe Voltare: "I may not agree with what someone has to say, but I will fight to the death to give them the right to say it." HELLO! Isn't that why our brave Men and Women over the last 200 years have fought for our freedom?

I looked at both the TFN and Cyntha Dunbar's article. There is a problem defending free speech when opinion crosses the line to slander and deliberately inciting talk. Remember the example of shouting "fire" in a crowded theater. Ms. Dunbar is playing with fire when she makes charges that the President-elect is not a US citizen and has active plans with outside insurgents to spark a situation that would enable him to declare Martial Law. The germ of truth is that the same legal structure that permits powerful acts on the part of the President in certain situations has been relied upon, and some (including the Supreme Court) would say overstepped, by the current President.

If one needs a reminder that democracy--on the day following such a glowing example of its triumph over the worst in our history--can also pander to the basest of our biases, Ms. Dunbar has provided it.

Obama was a Professor of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, and head of the Harvard Law review. Dunbar is entitled to her opinion, but NOT to using the School Board for absolutely false accusations. MS Dunbar has looked away from the Imperial President Bush who has, with his signing told the Congress that he doesn't have to abide by its decisions, against the CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION FOR SEPARATION OF POWERS. His people have ignored CONGRESSIONAL SUBPOENAS. He has declared a war based on false information, when only Congress has the power to declare war. The executive branch can search her email and listen to her phone calls without warrants, a clear abridgment of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Ms Dunbar, and America has more to worry about from the authoritarian conservatives who are ruthless in pursuing their own agenda, and would end America as we know it... using the ignorant and gullible, like Ms Dunbar to help them.

For RGC and tim, just want you to understand that freedom of speech does not mean that ideas go unchallenged. On the contrary, what it provides for is the vigorous discussion of ideas so that a statement by someone like Dunbar can be questioned. She was not censored; no one took away her right to speak, but others have the right to question her views.

In that vein, when a politician or someone who has influence over the education of our young people speaks in such a manner, shouldn't we hold them accountable for the truth of their statements? As educators, if a student in your classroom made statements that were unsupported by fact or research, wouldn't you question your student and have your student reexamine their thinking and reconsider those statements?

OK I'll bite.
Cynthia's belief, while stated without any specific reference from the president -elect, will become justified reasoning to intelligent and ignorant opponents alike- for one simple reason.

During the campaign the protected media class showed no probity or even curiosity about who Barak Obama is.

When president-elect Obama received $50 million dollars in educational programs to distribute around Chicago (this is a FACT found in Univ of Ill archives) and the candidate Obama simply says Mr. Ayers is 'just a guy in his neighborhood', the media should have wondered if that size of funding is not the source of long-term and consistent conversation. This would make the relationship more than a meet and greet. It is important information to probe and dispel, not ignor.

When people who opposed pres-elect Obama believe he is comfortable with someone who feels "justified" in the violence he took against the nation, they too can feel "justified" in their reactions.

I pray this significant problem the media has permitted through its corruption is addressed. And the problem won't go away with insults, laughter or censorship. Regardless of how wrongheaded we feel it is, we need President Obama to dispel these notions. This will silence critics like Cynthia.


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