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Florida District Gives Teachers IOU


Over 500 national board-certified teachers in Florida’s Broward County school district are still awaiting a $10,000 incentive promised to them under the district’s Effective Teacher Program, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. The program provides money to bring teachers with national board certifications to Title I schools in the district.

The district has reportedly been unable to pay the incentives due to a shortfall in the federal funding that it expected to receive this year. The delay has created some serious financial problems for teachers that were relying on the extra money.

Sharon Hepburn, a Broward school district teacher, estimated that she’d earn an extra $500 per paycheck with the incentive money.

Without the money she’s had to, “delay buying a house and cut fresh fruit off her grocery list” as well as “[scale] back on her children's activities.”

District officials say that they’ll find a way to pay the teachers the money they’re owed.

“The district is looking for ways to make up the shortfall and pay the teachers,” said associate superintendent for human resources Lynn Strong in the Sun-Sentinel. “The money will be paid.”

This could potentially be the last year the district uses the Effective Teachers Program. They are in negations with the Broward Teachers Union to determine whether the program is a viable way to boost student performance. This has some administrators and teachers worried about hiring and retaining quality educators in needy schools.

"It's very frustrating because now I can't attract teachers who are already nationally board certified,” Hepburn told the Sun-Sentinel.


Imagine having to DELAY a want and not be able to have FRESH food ... some people don't have any home and eat whatever they can find. And they don't even have the promise of "payment" ....

This is really happening here! They are telling teachers and para-ed's to expect iou's instead of regular paychecks next month! How are we supposed to exist in the meantime and still come to work without money for rent, food or gas? When will we get paid? and if we cant come to work who will teach the kids? All of our children deserve a free and equal education-something needs to happen here in san joaquin!!! We already have the highest forclosure rate in the nation, now education will suffer. can i pass my iou to my landlord?

That must be painful. I once sat in a DASH training and was told I would get paid $100 bucks a day for 10 days, and I never got paid. We were told to have only 30 minute lunch breaks, and were offered to buy masters credits from the university that hosted the training, when the transcript came that costed me $75, the credits were BA credits instead. Five years has gone by, and we still haven't been paid. Talk about unjust treatment. This is however somewhat of the norm that I am in in my area. We are not offered incentives for having the qualifications to be deemed an "effective teacher" or an HQT Highly Qualified Teacher that even equals half the amount those people promised you in your towns. This gives me the idea that we as teachers should be getting some kind of cost of living allowance if your checks can't even pay for gas and rent without that small incentive that doesn't even exist on my island. Imagine what I am not being able to pay for with my pay check and my large family of seven to support. We can't buy fresh food either all the time, we also have cut back big time on our children's activities; somehow I think teachers should be given cola and incentives; especially considering we buy most of our supplies ourselves, and feed our students when they need it. How much money should be poured into education? With hard times on our hands, we need to start considering dollar amounts that we could place on our profession. Help!!!

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