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Charley wrote in about job fairs, with some frustration about the job fairs being open only to the graduates of those institutions. Here are a couple of ideas that might help you: 1) contact the job fair's sponsor to see if there is a way to register and attend as a non-graduate. I used to manage very large job fairs at Ohio State and they were for OSU graduates only. Yet, we had a system whereby someone not from OSU could register as a reciprocal attendee....

For Michele who was inquiring about being approached about an assistant principal position and wondered what licensure program to pursue --- from Dawn Jones, AAEE President, from Northern Ilinois University. I would recommend that you obtain your Type 75 certification, especially if you envision progressing as an administrator in Illinois. The Type 75 is considered to be the standard for administrative positions. It will open far more doors for you than a master's degree in Teacher Leadership. If you peruse administrative openings - from assistant principal through superintendent - you will see that they almost always require a Type 75. ...

Michele in Illinois, who has been asked about taking an assistant principal position for next fall and already has administrative experience, wrote in to ask whether it would be better for her to obtain a principal's license or a Master's in Teacher Leadership. Jack Kronser, a school human resources director in the Denver area, responds: "I am an HR Director in Colorado but I came from Illinois. If you are being asked to look into the position of Assistant Principal, you will need a state license (Type 75 in Illinois, Principal License in CO) to be able to evaluate certificated ...




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