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Assistant Principal Licensure


For Michele who was inquiring about being approached about an assistant principal position and wondered what licensure program to pursue --- from Dawn Jones, AAEE President, from Northern Ilinois University.

I would recommend that you obtain your Type 75 certification, especially if you envision progressing as an administrator in Illinois. The Type
75 is considered to be the standard for administrative positions. It will open far more doors for you than a master's degree in Teacher Leadership. If you peruse administrative openings - from assistant principal through superintendent - you will see that they almost always require a Type 75.

Your principal must think very highly of you to consider you for an assistant principalship, and it sounds like you will have some excellent administrative skills already.

Your experience may count for more than you expect, because that very experience might be useful to you as you complete the coursework for your Type 75. I've done many presentations for soon-to-be administrators, and they come from a wide variety of experiential backgrounds. Your background will help you to enrich your own curriculum as well as that of your cohort group.
I wish you the best of luck.
Dr. Dawn Jones


I am also in the process of attempting to become an Assistant Principal. I have all of the proper credentials and over six years of administrative experience but, over the past two years, I have only recieved nice letters thanking me for applying for Assistant Principal positions were I meet all specified qualifications and have handled all resposiblities that have been outlined on the various districts job discriptions and, though I have been interviewed for some positions, (I Have come in second) I still am on the outside looking in.

Any suggestions.

Well, you may want to broaden your search. Are you concentrating on one district?

New Orleans is screaming for administrators.

I am in your same position. I want to stay in my home city, but the leadership of my district has changed three times since I have tried to get into administration. Like someone suggested, we are going to have to pack our bags and move on. I have been told that I should move on.

I am an assistant principal in much the same situation. I have a masters degree in educational administration from the Principal's Institute of the Bank Street College of Education, two years of attendance at my union's Executive Leadership Institute's leadership series, and have been an assistant principal for five years, with an excellent principal as mentor. However, it seems that I would have to attend the NYC DOE's Leadership Academy in order to be found eligible for a principal's position. You may need to do something similar. Is there any academy or training center associated with the school system you wish to work in? That may be a route to go. I've opted not to, at this time. I cannot see what the leadership academy would do for me that my experience and training haven't already done. I wish you all the best.

Hi and I know the feeling. I am also looking for an asst. principal position yet have come up short many times. In this area it is not what you know but who you know. I have two masters degrees and am in the process of going for my doctorate. I hold a principals certification as well. I have a lot to offer to a district and its students yet I keep hitting a brick wall. If you find out what the secret is please let me know.

I was recently on a search committee for an administrator and I can tell you the things that turned people off both while screening resumes and during interviews:
1. Coming up through athletics to leadership--coaches, AD's, and teaching as more of a side activity--today schools want strong curriculum background and up to date educational backgrounds.
2. Outdated letters of recommendation that indicate this person has been trying for a while and not been hired. Also having been passed over at one's own school, especially more than once--for example being appointed to an interim position but then not getting the position and returning to a lower position.
3. Errors on cover letters. Amazing but true--have someone honest and skilled check it for you!
4. Backround experience does not match the hiring school--urban to suburban, large to small or vice versa, demographic.

People want someone who seems smart, successful with people, innovative, and ready.

Good luck.


All of the comments you have received are relevant so I won't extend those points. I want you to take your resume to 20 people that you don't know and get their opinions. Do a little qualitative research for your own benefit. Then revise it in terms of selling skills, services and competencies and not chronological experience. Then do one more thing, look for some little benign university program that you can add to create a career shifting fulcrum to explain why you need to change your status. Try adding something in fund raising or an endorsement of some kind.

I am about to finich my MA in Educational administration with a credential. What is a type 75? I have not heard of that.

I would recommend that you talk with someone on the interview committee and ask what you could have done to improve your performance. I would also call those for whom you did not receive an interview and ask what it was that you lacked, experience, credentials, etc.? If you approach this as a learning opportunity, you may be able to improve your status so you are the next one selected for a position.

I am seeking a assistant prinicpal position and need to ace an interview...if I am selected in the "pool". What type of questions could be asked and how should these questions be approached?

If anyone is interested in moving to Denver, there are numerous High School Assistant Principal positions open.

I am a prinicpal who is contantly asked this question by teachers in teh 'pool'. My advice would be to go on special assignment for your principal to show them what you can do. If the position is not available, volunteer your time during your planning, before and post school. Your help is needed in the following areas: busses, cafe duty, dismissal, dean's office. Also, try to get involved with parent conferences. You will separate your self in this process and found out if admninstration is truly for you. Hope this helps.

Is this still true?? i am planning to move there next summer...


please email me any details you have...Thank you..

Does anyone know of a study guide specific to the type 75 certification examination?

I am seeking a assistant prinicpal position and need to ace the screening process. What type of questions could be asked and how should these questions be approached?

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