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Job Fairs

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Charley wrote in about job fairs, with some frustration about the job fairs being open only to the graduates of those institutions. Here are a couple of ideas that might help you: 1) contact the job fair's sponsor to see if there is a way to register and attend as a non-graduate. I used to manage very large job fairs at Ohio State and they were for OSU graduates only. Yet, we had a system whereby someone not from OSU could register as a reciprocal attendee.

2) We publish a directory entitled The 2007 Job Hunter’s Guide: Services and Career Fairs for Educators that lists job fairs that are Open to graduates from any institution. It can be ordered by going to www.aaee.org and click on publicatons or by calling 614.485.1111. The highest number of job fairs are held in March and April, so don't delay if you think you want the directory ($22).

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I am moving from California to Arkansas this summer. I have both an Oklahoma and California Teaching Credential. The problem is, I've been out of the job hunting mode for many years. How does someone with 20+ years go about doing it all over again?

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