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Returning to the US & Job Hunting

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Barbra asked about returning to the US after several years of teaching in Taiwan. Jack Kronser (HR director in Colorado) writes: "Your question is pretty all-encompassing, but I understand your concerns. Yes, being out of the country that long would make you a little out of touch, however, a good teacher is always a good teacher. I would suggest that you start with reading AAEE's Job Search Handbook (www.aaee.org). There are some great tips on what is happening in education relative to job searchers.

Subject content-wise, I would suggest that you look at websites, such as the National Staff Development Council, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, or the Education Departments of well-known colleges and universities.

1 Comment

Hello My name is nina cardwell.I am a special education teacher. I resigned from my position in 2004 due to illness. I would like to come back in the school systen without the paper work .What type of postion could Iapply for as a teacher for a lighter teaching load.

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