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A recent entry asked about the type of questions to expect in an AP interview. You can expect questions around: - curriculum expertise, be able to discuss your teaching success, especially at the grade level of the school you are applying to (i.e. elementary, middle or high school) - leadership training and experience, be able to discuss leadership experience even as a teacher - your vision for the school, what type of culture you would promote - your commitment to the success for all students through your work with staff Your first administrative position will be the most difficult ...

As a teacher recruiter, I am always asked: "What do schools look for in teacher candidates?" Every school would have unique "look fors", however there are some general characteristics. We look for seven characteristics: 1. Talent 2. Interpersonal skills 3. Knowledge 4. Motivators 5. Legal 6. Experience 7. Communication skills The teacher candidate provides insight into many of these factors, sometimes unknowingly. I always stress that the job search process is a job in itself. That process needs to have time devoted to it. The time devoted to research, letter writing, interview preparation and job fair attendance are critical to ...

As a teacher and administrator recuiter, I often get the same questions from inexperienced candidates who are looking fot the "first job". They are sure that they are the most qualified candidates and cannot understand how they are being passed up for interviews. I certainly understand the frustration, but you need to have a lot of patience and self-confidence and continue pursuing every opportunity for a position. The job search process is a job in itself. A candidate must devote a great deal of time and energy doing the research of the school or school district, research the community and ...




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