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Recently I was surprised to hear two different school districts in major cities advertising for “anyone with a bachelor’s degree” to apply to teach. The advertisements stated that the districts were desperate for teachers and could certify anyone with a bachelor’s degree. One district even said certification could be accomplished in only two Saturdays of preparation. I was shocked! How could someone with two days of preparation be the equivalent of a teacher who trained and studied for many years in college and was then mentored by a master teacher during a semester of student teaching? How could ...

This past May has been unusual for my office. I help place student teachers into the positions where they will student teach for the fall semester. In past years this has been fairly normal and fairly routine. The reason I have called this past month "unusual" is that four of the math majors I placed in student teaching positions for this fall were offered teaching jobs at schools other than where they were assigned to student teach. In other words these students will be teachers with their own classroom, their own discipline system, their own grading system, their own set ...

A student recently emailed my office asking for job placement statistics for the teacher education majors at our university. I am always at a loss to answer such a broad question because many factors go into what I am sure this student hopes is a simple answer. I once overheard a career services director of a major university answer the job placement statistics question by saying, "We have 100% job placement! All of our students eventually find a job somewhere." With that answer in mind I would like to give three main factors in successful job placement. First, is the ...




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