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As most everyone knows, a resume is a document that highlights your experiences and qualifications to potential employers. Unfortunately, what some people don't know is they are held accountable for the information they put on the resume. If you post something on your resume, make sure it is truthful. In an interview, an employer can tell if you are skirting around the question or issue being talked about. If it's not true, don't post it. Also, you must know your resume very well and be ready to answer questions about everything on it. I have the fortune of conducting mock ...

What is Sustainability? Sustainability is the concept of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. It is progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment (environment, equity and economy). Sustainability can be described as each of us doing our part to build the kind of world—economically, environmentally and socially—that we want to live in, and one that we want our children and grandchildren to inherit. It means becoming aware of all interconnections—visible and invisible—in which our day-to-day choices affect the intricate balance of social, economic and ...

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Tell me about yourself. These were very common questions in an interview, but times are changing, and so are interviews. You need to be ready for behavioral interview questions. In a behavioral interview you will have to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities, collectively known as competencies, by giving specific examples from your past experiences. The principal or human resources recruiter wants to know, not that you can do something, but that you have done it. He or she, prior to the interview, determines what competencies are required for the position. Then ...




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