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I appreciate the opportunity to share some thoughts for readers who are beginning their job searches for a teaching position. I hope that some of them may strike a chord and will be helpful. First, remember that it is YOUR search; you must invest the time and effort to make it successful. In saying that, please know that you have a wonderful resource on your own campus to help guide you and offer solid advice- your campus Career Center. I am the Director of one and have been at 3 different institutions for over 30 years. That does give me ...

You student taught and loved it. You went to the Teacher Job fair at your school and met lots of great recruiters from school districts across the state. You filled out all the applications you possibly could. Now you are sitting by the phone waiting….waiting….waiting…. Finally the phone rings and to your great relief it is a school district that is on the top of your list. After you call everyone you know to let them know the good news, high five your little brother, you pick out your interview outfit, map out the course to the school ...

There are different types of teacher job fairs. They range from those sponsored by local school districts; those sponsored by colleges and universities and those that are sponsored by different regions of individual states. School districts send various types of personnel; from human resources staff to an assistant principal. The districts may use different forms of media to enlighten students on their needs. Fashions and Accessories: Most school representatives dress professional but some do dress “Business casual”. However for the candidates professional dress is a must. By dressing professionally, you will no longer appear to the school representatives as a ...

One of the first things you do in starting your job search is to make sure your paperwork is in order. When we think of the paperwork associated with your job search, we generally focus on the resume as the key document in the process. Although the resume is important and should represent you in a professional manner, it is not the only document that is vital to your job search. Your evaluations and your applications are equally important. If you self manage your placement file, you need to make sure that the copies you send or legible and if ...




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