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You got the call! After investing hours in the job search, a prospective employer has called to invite you for an interview. You’ve prepared for this moment by researching the district’s website, reviewing sample interview questions, participating in a mock interview, and developing questions to ask the interviewer. However, when the caller indicates that you should plan to teach a ten-minute lesson, your anxiety level escalates. As you graciously thank the caller for the upcoming interview and opportunity to teach a lesson, your inner voice is screaming, “Where do I start?!” First of all, don’t panic. You’re...

We live in an online world, and you have chosen a public profession – a potential precarious combination. Online social networking sites provide education majors and teacher candidates a challenge to balance online activities with the realities that just about everything in the life of a teacher is public. A recent survey of employers by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) revealed that 29% of the employers use social networking sites as part of their recruitment effort, an increase from 17% the year before. An unflattering online presence can lead to a job candidate being removed from the employment consideration. ...

How much time are you prepared to spend on your job search? A few hours a week? A few minutes a day? Well, those who have been successful with their search tell us that it took 6-8 hours a day for many weeks before they obtained the job offer they were seeking. A job search is like a full-time job, reviewing job posting sites, attending job fairs, making phone calls, filling out applications, mailing resumes, sending e-mail messages and keeping good records. Just finding the teaching opportunities that match with your license will take many hours. This will require research ...




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