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Where do we go from here? From my first two blogs, you should have the impression that I have issues with the budget cuts in education. Yes, revenues may be down due to a variety of reasons but it seems like education is the first place to cut. I would look a little harder at some other budget lines, salaries and government waste and inefficiencies. There are some positive points to the down economy. Because the demand for many products and services is down, companies are more willing to negotiate prices. The vendors are hungry. Ohio has been able to ...

We Can Invest In Sports Facilities Why Not Education? As a follow up to my first article I would like to again emphasize the fact that there are massive budget cuts occurring throughout the country in many areas including education. So where do we cut and how do we find resources to help finance our education budgets? These are questions that school districts are asking themselves. School districts can partner with their PTA and attempt major fund raising events and/or they can get creative in their thinking and rent out space to complimentary services/organizations when their school buildings ...

At year end of 2008 we see a dismal economic outlook. The broad market (Standard & Poor 500) is off by almost 40% since the beginning of 2008 and the Dow Jones industrial index is down 34% for the year. We see that your dollar, from January 1 to end of the year, only buys about 62 cents of goods and services. How does all this affect education? Well, we see endowment funds of colleges/universities, state retirement funds and 403b accounts have lost value and to make a grim situation look even more depressing, interest rates on no risk investments ...




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