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In today's economy, however, actually getting a job can be more of a challenge than it was just a few years ago. Many individuals outside of education have taken to the education field to find meaningful employment and new opportunities. With this added competition, how does one successfully gain an edge and obtain the highly acclaimed first teaching position? My advice is to network for the right teaching position. Networking is the key. Gone are the days that you, as a new education graduate, can walk into a college job fair and walk out with the perfect teaching job offer. ...

Do you remember your favorite teachers? Did they inspire you to graduate and go to college? Or did your favorite teachers help you find your passion in sports, band, or drama? Did a teacher get you started on the path to a love of reading or math? Do you want to be someone's favorite teacher - helping them learn and grow? Teaching is a wonderfully fulfilling career, and salaries and benefits have improved greatly. Teacher salaries, while considered low, have continued to increase. Salaries generally average $40,000 to $80,000 a year for classroom teachers, kindergarten through high school. ...

In order to compete and win internationally, our nation needs a highly educated workforce that is second to none. Rising levels of education are critical to creating shared economic growth and mobility for every American. And keeping America's teachers in our classrooms is central to that goal. Over the past several months, President Obama has been working with Congress to pursue this legislation that would make sure these thousands of teachers can return to their schools and classrooms in the coming months. The legislation signed by the President in August 2010 marks an investment in our economic prosperity and in ...




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