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Question from a reader: "What are the top K-12-related part-time, flexible-schedule, and work-from-home job opportunities teachers can explore to stay current in their careers while staying home with children?" The response to your question may be helpful to new teacher candidates trying to gain experience related to the K-12 realm, as well as experienced teachers seeking to stay current while staying home with children. Below is a list of potential options for K-12 related part-time, flexible schedule and work-from-home job opportunities, which was developed with input from members of the Illinois Association for Employment in Education (IAEE) and the American ...

Several teacher candidates have asked me, "How can I stand out from the hundreds of other candidates?" "Should I try brightly-colored resumé paper or different-colored clothing?" Of course, these ideas may make you stand out in the wrong way! To consider the factors that help you 'stand out' as a teacher candidate, keep in mind the missing letter E that has been passed over in the traditional A,B,C,D,F grading scale. You will stand out through your E's - Endorsements/Education, Experience, connection to Employers, Extended Effort, Expertise, and through your Evidence/Examples. Endorsements /additional Education - ...

Question from a reader: With school budgets tight across the country, what are specific things that recently laid-off teachers can do to better their chances of getting one of the few jobs available? Dear reader, Several school district human resources administrators who are affiliated with the American Association for Employment in Education (AAEE) have offered responses to your question. Here is a summary of their responses: A recently laid-off teacher would need to do many of the same job search tasks as a first-time job seeker. Do your homework - process matters Research the job openings, but as a part ...

Question from a reader: "Is an advanced degree (MA or PhD) a helpful asset or actually a disadvantage when it comes to keeping one's teaching job or getting hired in today's tough market (because administrators and districts have to pay those with advanced degrees more money)? In other words, is it worth the extra time, effort and money to get an advanced degree or will this only hurt teachers in the end?" Dear reader, You raise a good question! As you consider an advanced degree, please keep in mind the fact that schools and school districts can vary widely according ...




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