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Melissa, an Upward Bound student, has been helping out in the Career Center for the past six weeks. She graduated from high school in June and took some concurrent enrollment classes at Dixie State College. She is considering secondary education as a career. This choice is based on a positive experience she had with a dynamic history teacher in her junior year of high school. I asked her to share with me and with you what she thinks makes a good teacher. Here is her response. What Makes a Good Teacher A good teacher knows the subject they are teaching ...

Recently, Joyce from Massachusetts posted this question on the Education Week Top School Jobs Career Corner blog. I would like to address her question as my blog entry this week. Teaching was a second career for me, so when I retired, I did not get as large a pension as a 30-year teacher. Therefore, I still need to work. I taught 4th and 5th grade for 18 years in public schools. Now I'd like to do something else, but am not sure what that is. I have a Masters in Elementary Education, and have some supervisory/mentoring experience. Aside from ...

Every classroom teacher needs to read. Although many schools require teachers to adhere to prescribed curriculum, in many cases there is room for some teacher-selected literature. The classics are always a good choice; however, that does not mean teachers have to ignore popular fiction/non-fiction entirely. It is a good idea to have an understanding of what students are selecting on their own. I suggest you educate yourself by reading what your students are reading, so you can initiate conversations about or allude to characters and situations from their picks. Whether you have a job or not, and regardless of ...

You are at a summer family gathering and inevitably someone asks, "Do you have a job yet?" If your answer is no, it is hard to keep from feeling discouraged. However, you are not alone. Many recent graduates have not found suitable employment yet. Unfortunately, this is particularly true for education graduates. When I graduated from college with my teaching certificate, teaching jobs were scarce. In fact, I was hired just one week before the school year started at a high school that was closing at the end of the year due to district boundary changes and dropping enrollment. I ...




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