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Over the past few months I have been part of a few discussions that have focused on the ability and often inability of today's college students to articulate the benefits of liberal arts based education and a core set of courses at their respective colleges and universities. In many instances students often perceive these courses as a "hoop" they must jump through before graduation rather than a planned effort to ensure that graduates of colleges and universities are challenged to attain higher order thinking; analyze and apply information and problem-solve. Today, I was reading an article* about the common core ...

Have you read the February 2012 article releasing the ratings of over 18,000 New York City teachers? Did you know that similar controversy exists in California over whether teacher ratings should be public knowledge? Although it is not possible to be up to date on every piece of news related to your career that hits the media outlets across our country, it is incredibly important for you to keep abreast of trends and newsworthy items for discussion in interviews. In addition to educators who can differentiate instruction; integrate common core standards; build rapport with students and parents; and utilize ...

A reader recently asked: "I am interested in changing careers and getting into human resources [within the field of education]. I have a master's degree in Education with a concentration in Adult Education and Training. How do you get into this industry?" If you have an interest in Human Resources, I have observed that most Education HR folks enter through one of two paths: a) The most traditional, especially in small school districts, is to have served as an administrator at the building level. That usually means having been a principal or assistant principal in a school. This path is ...




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