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Writing a Cover Letter is a tricky balance. It can't quite be a commercial for yourself--too pushy and self-absorbed--yet it must convey enough about you as a person and as a potential teacher to grab the employer's attention to keep reading. It can't be too long, they will never read to the end--but not too short that it doesn't really say anything. It should also communicate that you have done some research on the school to which you are applying. The cover letter is really the only place in your application where you can demonstrate that you've done your homework ...

Question: "I recently was laid off from my job as a Buyer (Capital) ... and now I plan to make a career change. I'd like to get into education, but on the business/administrative side. Please let me know if you have some advice about certifications or education that I could obtain to qualify me for something more than an entry level job. I have a BS in Business and Management with a Major in Information Technology." --Keri O. Answer: The business side of running a school district, especially a large district, requires many specialists. Many of these positions are similar ...

Are you wondering how to buy your interview suit and build a professional wardrobe without maxing out your credit card? Whether you've already started to transition your attire for student teaching or you're just beginning to think about it, we have a few tips for creating a collection of clothes that will give you confidence and convey that sense of professionalism that will help you land a job — without breaking the bank. 1. Hit the consignment and resale stores. Even Goodwill is an amazing resource. Choose basics that can be worn together instead of a few trendy pieces. According to,...




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