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Recently a reader asked for assistance with transitioning from a challenging situation. Here are some tips: There will be many times in life where we find ourselves in situations that no longer serve us in the way they once did. Realizing that we are at this point is normal as we are constantly evolving--our interests and values change over time. This is especially true in our careers. The average person will hold about seven different careers in their lifetime. There will come a point when we are no longer satisfied in our position for one reason or another and will ...

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that includes nearly 225 million professionals from over 150 industries and these numbers continue to grow each day. LinkedIn connects professionals from around the world allowing them to connect in ways that may not have been possible before. LinkedIn allows members to connect to people, ideas, companies, and jobs. It is a great tool that could create future career opportunities when used effectively. Below are basic strategies to build and maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn. 1. Build a complete profile. Building and maintaining a complete profile is extremely important because it communicates commitment, ...

Have you performed a Google search of your name recently? If not, try it now. Simply type your first and last name in the Google search bar and watch the results filter in. Need to be more specific? Include the city and state that you live in after your name. What did you find? A growing number of employers are using social networks to make hiring decisions. According to a survey released by Jobvite.com, 92% of employers are using or planning to use social networks in their hiring decisions this year. Employers are using sites such as Google, LinkedIn, ...

What unique life experiences do you bring to the classroom? More and more school administrators are looking for teachers who bring unique life experiences to their position and more importantly, who can incorporate these experiences into teaching their students in a classroom. Administrators are also seeking teachers who are team orientated and can use their special skills and interests to serve in important roles and functions beyond the classroom. A local school administrator, Mr. Alejo Padilla, has seen this firsthand in his own role as an educator and looks for these characteristics in teacher candidates. Mr. Padilla states: "For the ...




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