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There are countless reasons to choose teaching as a profession. You may be pursuing teaching because you feel strongly about impacting student learning and development. You might be attracted to the autonomy that comes with having your own classroom. Maybe you were inspired to choose teaching as a profession because of a particularly influential teacher or mentor. Other reasons include: passion for a particular subject matter, a desirable work schedule, or the variety that comes with teaching. Many new teachers, while they enter the profession with enthusiasm, become frustrated or disillusioned early in their careers when realities of the classroom ...

Transitioning from a teacher education program to having your own classroom for the first time can be an exciting and overwhelming experience for new professionals. To assist with the transition, here are some tips for first-year teachers provided by educators with a few years of teaching experience. Apply what you learned in your teacher education program. Take classroom management seriously. There's great value in routines and procedures in the classroom. Start with clear classroom management structures and stand by them to develop mutual respect in the classroom. Build relationships within your building and district. Ask trusted and experienced colleagues for ...

The fall semester is a great time to lay a firm foundation for your education job search. Take steps to secure references, update your job search materials, and determine how employers in your area search for aspiring educators. • Develop strong references. If you are engaging in classroom observations or student teaching, remember that first impressions are lasting ones. Arrive early, dress professionally, and demonstrate ongoing curiosity and interest. Introduce yourself to the building administrators and thank them for the opportunity to observe or student teach. Be friendly and professional with everyone you encounter; it will not go unnoticed. As your ...

As summer comes to a close, many schools begin new teacher orientation, teacher workshops, and professional development activities before the start of school. Maybe you are one of those new teachers anxiously awaiting your orientation and the start of the school year. Or, perhaps you've yet to receive a full-time offer. In a tight education job market, your job search may take longer than anticipated. If you haven't landed a full-time teaching position, don't lose hope! There are steps you can take to stay connected and keep your skills sharp while continuing your search. • Stay positive. A large part of ...




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