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We've all heard that line, and after a few rejections and seeing some others hired before us, we may start to truly believe it. But it really is wrong. In fact, it is wrong on two counts.First it IS about what you know. To be hired as a teacher in the public school system (and increasingly in private and charter systems) you need the certification that shows you have a certain proficiency in education. No certification, no position.Secondly, it is more about who knows YOU than who you know. This is essentially the power of networking. The more ...

Applications, resumes and job applications are always a "Work In Progress," or should be. Gone are the days when you took your résumé to the stone mason and had it carved in stone. Two things that employers look for are individual tailoring and recent activity. Tailor your materials: read the position description and then start digging further. I suggest finding the mission statement for the school or district and using key phrases or ideas which match your personal approach to education. Incorporate these into your cover letter and other materials. Keep it current. Once you have posted your application on ...

On September 3, 2013, Education Week began a three-part PD webinar series on the topic of classroom management. As most of the teachers who read this blog know, classroom management—the ability to create a purposeful and supportive learning environment—is a central element of effective teaching. Yet for many of us, both new and experienced, it can be a daily struggle. This brand new special professional development webinar series aims to help. In it, a stellar lineup of educators—including Rafe Esquith and Doug Lemov—will discuss their secrets for creating order and engagement in their classrooms...

Since it is September, post-Labor Day, I will assume that those of you reading this are either professionals in the field, seniors about to graduate or recent graduates who haven't secured that permanent position and are looking for assistance (also known as "freaking out...."). First, for the recent graduates, take a deep breath. Repeat. Lay off the Energy drinks and coffee. Stay Calm and Prepare to Carry On. There is hope! Although the school year has started, there are still opportunities. Here are a few suggestions for what you can do: * Make sure you still have your materials active in ...




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