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It is often said that if your ship is slow to come in, you should swim out to meet it. The same can be extended to your acquisition of relevant experience. You need not wait for an employer to formally hand you an opportunity to gain some experience. You can create your own credible experience by volunteering and by exercising initiative. Some job-relevant experiences that the writer has encountered over the years include activities such as the following: Served as a summer nanny / sitter for five-year-old twins Taught weekly Sunday School classes for 12-year olds Assisted with children's church choir ...

With the fall semester of the school year underway, most seniors in our nation's teacher education programs are probably gearing up for student teaching. However, the fall semester is also a great time to gear up for your job search. Student teaching in itself can, of course, become a "try-out" for a vacancy that may occur on campus; but even ahead of the student teaching experience, there are some enjoyable actions you can take to launch your job search. Don't wait for the official job fair/recruitment season. Here are 3 steps you can take right now, this fall. Attend ...

On September 5, 2013, major U.S. news networks presented a heartwarming story of seven puppies and their mother, Sheba, who were re-united in the state of New York, with the soldiers who had befriended them in Afghanistan. The men's unit was being shut down and they were fearful of what would happen to Sheba and her pups when they returned home. The men had nursed Sheba back to health after the birth of the puppies, using their MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) and beef jerky. Sheba had remained a very loyal, protective partner for the men. According to the ...

I hear this a lot: "I've been applying everywhere, updating often, doing EVERYTHING.... but getting no results." In this digital age, you may feel like you are being diligent, but are you really? Another way to define false diligence is the old term "Spinning your wheels." So how do you get some traction? Spend your time wisely: Whether you have been in the job search for a while or you are just starting out, it might be helpful to think about how people get their jobs and how you are approaching the search. For example, if you are spending 80% ...




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