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[Check out the video, "Everyday Leadership," //, by Drew Dudley, on TED Talks] As educators we have likely provided countless "lollipop moments" for our students and their parents. What I love about Drew Dudley's message here is that as student teachers, new teachers, and seasoned professionals, we have the opportunity to be leaders in our classrooms, our educational institutions, our professional organizations, and beyond. What would it be like for YOU to take the leadership role in a group project for your teacher's prep program? What about in your student teaching placement? ...

Are you a fresh new teacher heading out to interview and compete for the best teaching job out there? Well, you aren't alone! Be sure to follow these tips to get ahead in this upcoming interview season: Research, research, research. It is 2013, soon to be 2014, and Google is a powerful tool. So is LinkedIn. When you are offered an interview at a school or with a district, politely ask for the names of those with whom you will be meeting, and then do everything in your power to find more information about them. The more armed you are ...

Hold off on writing a general cover letter. Instead, be sure to have a targeted list of districts and schools and then tailor each letter to the needs of each particular district. Organize your interview portfolio. Many candidates have come to my office for a mock interview prepared to get through a 2-3 inch binder that they printed from LiveText for their licensure requirements. They are often shocked when I recommend that they edit it down to a ½-1 inch binder and to practice referencing their portfolio without the interviewer asking to see it. Locate your references past and present. ...

Many, if not most, of the postings to this blog recommend at one time or another the use of the career center at your college or university. That's such an important suggestion that it merits its own post - so here it is! The career advisors at your college know what employers look for, because they interact with employers on a regular basis. They exchange ideas with employers and with other career professionals. They are constantly seeking new ways to help you connect with the employers of your choice. Here are three of the many things that you should take ...




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